Power Control Center Manufacturers

INOVIC is leading Power Control Center Manufacturers in India and it is owning a remarkable name in the manufacturing industry, specializes in producing power control centres (PCC panel) with different models and various specifications. This PCC s are widely used to distribute power to various parts of areas viz. industries, factories, Plants, buildings, and townships. The PCC controls the whole power supply from one single place. These have a tremendous impact on our clients for their assured service with lesser maintenance made by high-quality raw material.

The PCC product set includes main LT panels, PCCs with single and multiple incomers, bus couplers with the proper interlocking cubicle type system, extensible on each side. Various designs are offered in PCC like top, middle, bottom and horizontal bus chamber, these panels with made with Aluminum, copper bus bars, front, top bottom and rear cable termination, combinations of APFC part with PCC.

All the required protection, fault indications and interlocking are provided. Facilities viz. DG incomer with AMF functions, a cutoff of non-essential feeders even at the failure of main power also are provided. The PCC panels have provision to connect bus duct at main in corner side.

As one of the best Power Control Center Manufacturers in India, We have tremendous experience in using the latest technology in our products to support you and our teams' design and build custom PCC panels according to our customer's specifications.